Nearshoring: the clever solution to your shortage of skilled workers

Within a few weeks, we build a team of highly qualified IT specialists for you!

No availability of skilled workers? Cost pressure?

Nearshoring solution



Contact us to arrange a non-binding consultation. Together, we will clarify the requirements and the necessary profile of the specialists in a first step

Recruiting talents

After identifying the ideal candidate profile, we present suitable talents from our existing talent pool or actively search for suitable candidates for your team


As a rule, we can provide suitable IT specialists for you within a few weeks. We take care of the entire administration of the IT specialists

Choose the right model

Dedicated Team

In the team extension model, we build a dedicated team for you, designed for long-term product development. The individually recruited talents are perfectly matched to the needs of our clients. Strengthen your internal team with the best talents!

Responsibility Team Projects
Client 100%
balesio 0%

Flexibility 100%
Cost optimization 100%
Startup speed 50%

Hybrid Team

The hybrid team model is a service offering designed to cover your temporary needs for development work, project work, unexpected work increases, or specific expertise without having to hire permanent team members.

Responsibility Team Projects
Client 50%
balesio 50%

Flexibility 50%
Cost optimization 50%
Startup speed 75%


We take responsibility and ensure that the outcome of your projects is top-notch. Our team, consisting of experienced and qualified IT experts, designs and develops state-of-the-art solutions fully integrated for you.

Responsibility Team Projects
Client 0%
balesio 100%

Flexibility 75%
Cost optimization 25%
Startup speed 100%

Used Technology Stack

Flexible Tech Stack - we speak your language and recruit talents based on your stack requirements!

We Solve Your IT Problems

  • Expertise Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals who can tackle any challenge.
  • Cost-effective By nearshoring with us, you can drastically reduce your costs while still receiving top-notch service.
  • Scalability We offer flexible solutions to cater to your specific needs. You can dynamically scale resources at any time.
  • Reliability Our team is focused on delivering high-quality results and ensuring smooth communication throughout the entire process.
  • European Time Zones Compared to offshore outsourcing, nearshoring with us reduces the time difference, enabling efficient communication and project management.
  • Cultural Compatibility Our team shares similar cultural values and work ethics, enabling easier collaboration and fostering long-term partnerships.

IT Nearshoring Services in Various Countries

We offer our IT nearshoring services in various countries and locations. This ensures our clients receive the best possible solution for their specific requirements.

We support you in building your team and putting together the optimal solution. Contact us if you are also interested in our IT nearshoring services.

Nearshoring Locations

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